About Us

Jo EgertonHi, I’m Jo Egerton, I am the founder of Birds of Paradise Arts CIC.

After working with people of all ages in Greater Manchester for eighteen years I set up Birds of Paradise Arts in 2010 .

Having worked across the statutory and voluntary sector using art materials for the purpose of Fun, Education and Art Therapy. In 2014 Birds of Paradise Became a Community Interest Company enabling us to continue to offer a flexible arts pathway that nurtures creativity at the same time offering specialist art therapy services as needs reflect at community level at any given time.


Birds of Paradise Arts CIC is a not for profit organisation that offers Art for Health, Education & Fun. Based in the North West of England in Manchester. We work with individuals & groups of all ages. We partner with other organizations in the UK & Abroad.


Our aim is to engage people creatively, to inspire and empower people through art making.

Our Belief

Everyone can use art materials!

Birds of Paradise is committed to supporting individuals find their own artistic expression for the purpose of personal growth, skill or pleasure for fun, education or health.